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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Three shades of drab

I bought this tie because I liked the bold geometric pattern. The colors, however, are not so hot: light olive drab and dark olive drab. I didn't do the tie any favors by wearing it with a medium olive drab shirt, either. Still, the drab-on-drab-on-drab ensemble perfectly captured the mood of the gray, rainy day that was today.

This tie is obviously vintage, but has no labels at all left on it, so it must go uncredited. The material is man-made, maybe something exotic like Rhodia Acetate. The pattern is woven (as opposed to printed), and the threads are heartier than silk; most woven silk ties will snag on the first wearing, whereas this warhorse has been through many years without a single snag. Utilitarian, indestructible, attractive from a certain point of view, it's the Dodge Dart of ties. I'll try for something more colorful tomorrow.

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