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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


This Italian-made silk tie (made by whom, I don't know, there is no label) looks like it's straight out of the idealized cartoon Paris of Pepe Le Pew or The Pink Panther, a style recently revived to great effect by California artist Josh "Shag" Agle. Frankly, I think this tie is every bit as good as the two ties that Shag himself has designed (for Acme Studio). Now that I've mentioned it, check out all the cool ties from Acme here.

But back to this tie--it makes me want to drink a leisurely bottle of Beaujolais (and there's another tie story there, but for a later date) at a sidewalk cafe, then go to a cabaret, then zoom around on a Vespa scooter with a baguette in the front basket and crash into a fountain, to emerge soaking wet and somewhat abashed but with my hands full of coins. Vive la difference!

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