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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fantastic Voyage

I call this one Fantastic Voyage because it looks like something you might see if you were shrunk down to microscopic size and injected into a human bloodstream, as in the 1966 movie. What could have been a simple diagonal grid pattern in black, pink, and magenta attains biological weirdness with the pink sections being woven in vertical striated patterns (like muscles), and the magenta being doled out in bacillus (or platelet?) shapes; click on the picture to see the details better (warning: eye-popping moiré effect from the pink-and-white twill shirt). This tie is by Carnaval de Paris, "Woven in FRANCE" of 100% polyester. The black background is quite shiny! Luckily, it is a very reasonable 4" wide and easy to wear: voila!


Jeff L. said...

Fantastic Voyage is one ridiculous movie, and that's one ridiculous tie. I love it.


Daryl Katz said...

bill, just visited your tie blog! i love it!

thanks for posting jennys looks great

i think we should get into the neckwear market?

we had no idea!!!

and people say the necktie is dead.

Later, Daryl Katz (Jenny Lee-Katz's husband)

Burl Veneer said...

Daryl and Jenny,

Thanks for visiting! (Apparently before I had email notification turned on, sorry for the late response!) No, the necktie is not dead, if you hear anyone say that you should PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE! Well no, that's a bit extreme; direct them here instead. And YES YES YES, you should get into the neckwear business!

Burl Veneer

Burl Veneer said...

And of course thanks to you, too, Jeff!