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Monday, August 22, 2005

Lea Lucibella for Robert Daskal

Robert Daskal employs a small army of artists creating hand-painted neckties for just about every taste; my taste runs to bold, colorful geometrics like this one by Lea Lucibella (every Daskal tie is signed on the back by the artist). I also like the designs of J. Bowers Mueller and Larry Hope. The designs are not "unique" except for variations in execution; they are "mini-mass-produced" by each artist on a long roll of silk, then cut and sewn in the Daskal Chicago workshop. There is a page about the Daskal tie creation method here, including an interesting video. There is also a lot to look on on the current ties pages, though the artists are not credited anywhere that I can find. I have a few more Daskal ties, awaiting the proper alignment of cosmic forces and clean laundry to be worn.

If you are interested in painting on silk yourself, Dharma Trading Co. seems to be the most comprehensive online supplier of fabric, paints, dyes, resists, frames, and most important of all, instructions. They sell blank ties for painting, too. Maybe I will even get around to it someday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

emmanuel's classy closet on ebay (the site is
evanston, chicago northern suburb where
northwestern univ. is located) has some great
used robt. daskal ties, which when they arrive
are even more impressive sometimes than
they appear on the screen. i don't know why
but the screen image is usually lighter than
the actual tie, wherever you look: brand new
ties, whatever. It's a bit of a pig in a poke,
when you cannot visit the retail store, but with
gas prices, etc.==the internet is still a godsend.