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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Drums of Passion

Cuban-born architect-turned-clothing designer Daniel de Fasson makes a point of making luxurious ties: they are two inches longer than the norm and a full four inches wide, and the lining is made of heavy wool wrapped in satin. The difference is palpable; this tie handles and lies flat like no other I've worn. For all the quality of the construction, though, I must admit that most of his graphic designs are not my style. But this one I do find inspired and inspiring; the large circles remind me of African drum heads, and the overall pattern evokes mainstream culture's first forays into international "exotica," of which Babtunde Olatunji's 1960 album Drums of Passion is a prime example. Exotica enjoyed a renewed vogue in the late 90s, with popular CD reissues of Martin Denny, Esquivel, Les Baxter, and Arthur Lyman albums, neo-lounge creations of bands such as Combustible Edison, and new(ish) world music combos like African Head Charge. So that's the kind of music I hear in my head while wearing this tie, and I like it.

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Jack said...

This post is interesting. I love collecting different kinds of ties. This is very nice.