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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Something for the weekend

(Yes, that is a Divine Comedy reference.) No, I don't wear ties on weekends, but I did wear this one to a friend's wedding on a Saturday in May. Made (or at least sold) by Leeds of Florida, this tie is made of even heavier material that yesterday's tie, and has a nubby, textured weave; a cotton duck, I think. The big, bold graphics remind me of the textile designs of Marimekko of Finland, still going strong with patterns that recall (or are unchanged since) 1970 or so. There are also a couple American companies producing great retro-patterned fabrics which could conceivably be made into ties: Melinamade (whose Seaweed Sundried could easily pass for Marimekko) and Reprodepot (getting into the Marimekko act with Mondo). Do check out the websites, they have lots of fantastic patterns, which I would love to see more of in everyday life!

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