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Thursday, September 28, 2006


The problem with using one's own written signature as the sole brand identifier is that the signature may be illegible, with the result that anyone wishing to pass on the brand information of a particular tie is likely to do so inaccurately. This subject comes up not out of the blue, but was prompted by the label of today's necktie, which reads, possibly, "Gio Busceri" (I know the B is right, as there is an additional logo which is just a B), and definitely, "Made in Italy." And just because a Google search for "Gio Busceri" comes up empty doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't exist (I have heard there are some scraps of information that just aren't anywhere on the internet, yet). Whoever made it, the pattern is quite singular, with its modified stripes embellished by shapes that could be flowers after the style of Yves Tanguy.

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