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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Speaking of Modern Art

(Which I was yesterday, in the context of sculpture...) How about a little Kandinsky? Wassily Kandinsky has been on my mind since I read a review of Peter Carey's new novel, Theft, in the Washington Post. The novel deals with fraud in the world of art. Here's the quote from the novel that has stuck in my mind:
"Real artists don't have strategy.... C├ęzanne could not explain himself, nor could Picasso. Kandinsky could explain everything. Q.E.D."

I don't buy that. Just because he could explain everything doesn't mean you have to believe him. You don't even have to read his explanations. I haven't, but I doubt that they would reduce my appreciation for his explorations of form and color. They are most definitely real art, because they make me think and feel, and I like them. Q.E.D.

The tie, by the way, is by Daniel Craig (not the actor).

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