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Monday, September 11, 2006

Greetings from Ithaca!

We made it! We got the entire contents of our house onto a moving van on Wednesday, loaded the whole family into the minivan and drove to Ithaca on Thursday, bought our new house on Friday, spent the weekend on sleeping bags and air mattresses, and the moving van arrived today with all our stuff. Yippee! That just leaves the small matter of selling our old house...

Today's tie is a hand-marbled tie whose label has fallen off, but it came in a lot of several Cosette ties, so that's probably who made it. The final pattern of a hand-marbled tie is determined partially by chance: the marbler knows how to do it, and has a rough idea of how it will turn out, but there's no predicting exactly how the dyes will lay down on the substrate, or exactly how they will swirl and mingle when the comb is run through. I felt that was an apt metaphor for the first day at a new job, which is what today was for me. Hence the marbled tie. Today went well enough that I will definitely be going back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to cyberspace. Best wishes on new job, new home, and old ties.


Burl Veneer said...

Thanks, Mike! It's been a hectic couple of weeks, to say the least, but it's already paying off in so many ways.