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Sunday, September 17, 2006

And the answer is...

As I pulled today's tie out of an underbed storage container, I realized that I can finally answer the perennial question: how many ties do I have? And the answer is: 181 quarts. That's two 70-quart containers and one 41-quart. The caveat is that that represents how many ties I had at the time of packing for my move; additional ties have arrived since then. I'm still trying to work out an acceptable storage plan for my ties. In the meantime, the 41-quart container, which contains my permanent collection of ties, is on the top of the stack, so that's where this Jhane Barnes tie came from. Not only does the pattern evoke cut geodes, it is also similar to the recent work of stained glass artist Dick Weiss, which I encountered while clicking through yesterday's blog links. Serendipity!

And while looking for geode images for today's blog, I discovered the website of fiber artist Linnie Craigie: great stuff! Ah, the joys of websurfing...


QualityFrog said...

I never thought of measure the number of ties in my closet by the quart. :)

You do bring up the challenge that those of us with many ties face: a storate plan. The tie racks for sale in stores just don't hold very many ties ... and those that do take up too much space.

Have you yet developed an acceptable storage plan?

I am currently using 4 and 5-tier pant hangers -- about a dozen of them. I can pile lots of ties on these and they don't take up much more closet space than the ties themselves. However, sometimes the ties slide off the hangers and it can be difficult to find the desired tie in that mess.

There has got to be a better solution. I may try the underbed containers.

BTW, my eyes keep telling me that those grey shapes on that tie are geese.

QualityFrog said...

My fingers can't spell this morning. I don't know what I'd do with a "storate plan", but I'd welcome a good "storage plan". :)