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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Windsor, April 2003

Here are two more bits of memorabilia from our trip to England in 2003 for Mrs. Veneer's sister's wedding. It was a real peacock year for men's fashions, and I had to get in on it, so I picked up this multi-striped shirt at the Moss shop in Windsor to wear to the wedding with a Pucci tie I had brought with me. But on the off chance that the shirt wouldn't go with the tie, I bought this Dehavilland tie with roughly matching colors. The Pucci tie was a match after all, so this one didn't get worn until we were back in the states, where for once in my life I was the height of British fashion. (And I do mean once: I was very strict about my wear-once-only rule back then, and British men's fashion has moved on since then. And not for the better, in my opinion.)

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