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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Top Bee Wee

I could not shake the feeling all day that I was wearing a clown's tie, and that maybe everyone thought I had stolen it from a clown. No, I got it from eBay fair and square, and I believe in its heyday it was actually considered fashionable. The giant label on the back informs me it was made by "Mister D", which may very well be an alias for the devil.

(Probably the strangest nickname I ever had was "Bee Wee", which I more or less brought on myself, but at least its usage never spread beyond two or three people.)


Amy said...

I always thought it was spelled "Biwi".

Burl Veneer said...

We discussed the spelling with Chuck and Kerry once, and they proposed "B period Wee period" as a candidate, but we never settled on a definitive spelling. "Biwi" is probably the perferred First Nation spelling, which I have Anglicized to "Bee Wee".