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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Here's a favorite theme of mine: a design underneath, in this case stripes in shades from white to orange to brown, covered with another pattern (plain brown here) that is then peeled away strategically to create yet another pattern. Well, not really peeled away, it's all woven of a piece, but that's the effect. The different stripes and layers have contrasting weave patterns as well, adding one more design dimension. This is a vintage German offering from Juka's Spitzenklasse line, made of "Dralon, 100% Polyacril." It will outlast us all.


Randy said...

Hello Burl!

Your mention of "Dacril" reminds me of 3 ties I haven't worn in years, that were gifted to me in the '70's. The small tag on the reverse reads "100% international polyester"! None of that cheap domestic polyester for me, no sir!

Say hello to Mrs. V. and your family.

I enjoy reading your blog!

Your uncle,


Randy said...

oops, dralon? polyacril? dacril?

Burl Veneer said...

Hi, Randy, nice to hear from you! Thanks for reading! Hi to Mrs. B. and your family, too.