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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mid-Century Modern

With our so-called "Mid-Century Modern" home, gradually getting filled with Mid-Century Modern furniture and decor, it is only appropriate that I have some Mid-Century Modern ties as well. I don't think this one dates back that far, but the design fits comfortably with other textiles of that era. The label says "Nino Orsini," but this tie is obviously a home-made job, with the fabric behind the tip finished using the "scrunch it all up and then iron it flat" method. But who cares about the back of a tie?

And now I must be off to Syracuse to see the Chicago Afrobeat Project at Funk'n'Waffles!


Anonymous said...

Burl Veneer said...

I'll take credit for that, ha! If there's one thing I like about Justin Timberlake, it's that he wears ties (and nice suits). If there's another thing I like about him, it's that he's funny on SNL. And if there's yet another thing I like about him, I haven't discovered it yet.