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Friday, March 30, 2007

Second Module

I was surprised to find that of all the Modules ties I have amassed, I have only blogged one of them before today. Modules of Japan created some of the best "swing revival" ties of the late 80s/early 90s (and for more on that, see my previous Modules post), and today's tie is a prime example: it stays true to the spirit of the swing years without a slavish imitation of its motifs. For comparison, see the bona fide swing ties on display at Will's Vintage Ties.

Another tie blog is online! It's actually more than that--The Great Coat and Tie Experiment is concerned with the whole coat/tie/shirt gestalt. Blogger "Coat and Tie" posts a daily photo of his V-Zone*, exploring the natty effects of different combinations of colors, fabrics, patterns, and textures. (I am particularly interested in seeing what he does with striped shirts, as I have never had much luck with them.)

Is there any band hotter than the Klaxons right now? I don't think so!

* Thanks to K.N.O.T. for the vintage ad!

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Coat And Tie said...

Thanks again for the mention. I learned about the V-Zone today! We Knot-heads sure do stick together.

Stripes? Hmmmm. I've done a few already but most were fine stripes that ended up looking solid. I wore a Bengal stripe on March 16. I'll try and come up with something worthy later in the week. ;)