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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm dreaming of a Mod Christmas

Today was the office holiday party, which means it was time for my annual wearing of the red Levi's cords. I didn't have another Christmas-themed tie, so I chose one with red in it, and what's more festive than a retro mod/tiki pattern? (Tie made in Italy by an unknown maker.) This year's party, at my new job, differs from last year's at my old job in two major ways: 1) it wasn't cancelled at the last minute, and 2) we all got to go home early. Now that's living!

I won't be wearing a tie for the last two days of my work year, so this is it for 2006. I have curtailed my tie wearing considerably, but the upside of that is that it will make my current supply last longer. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all; see you next year!


Cathrina said...

happy new year to u whats the plan for new year celebation???

MSegers said...

What a beautiful tie!

Just want to wish you and yours a new year full of good things and great ties!

"Meeting" you and Will has certainly enhanced the past year for me.


Burl Veneer said...

Thank you, Mike! When I first started accumulating ties I never thought there could be a tie-based community; I am glad it has happened. Best wishes for the new year!


Anonymous said...

You folks certainly seem to apprieciate neckties. You should check out, they sell neckties but also give a person the option of composing a message that will be embroidered and permanently applied to the back where no sign of the process is visible from the front. I bought one for my dad on Christmas and he loved it and it was definately a coversation piece because no one ever saw something like that before.