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Monday, December 11, 2006

After the Fall

Owing to my extended schedule of unpacking in our new house, I was unable to join the other tie guys (Mike and Will) in celebrating Fall with autumn leaves ties; I have some, I just couldn't find them. Here, then, is my belated entry in that category. I know that this is actually a floral tie, but the flowers are stylized enough that they could be interpreted as leaves if you really want to (and I do). (Oh, the many and varied practical uses of abstraction!) The tie is by GianMarco Venturi, and is yet another purchase from the Modaitalia eBay store.

On the earphones: new Inverse Room (a return to longer, more "serious" songs, with a darkly comic undercurrent, or overcurrent in some cases), Spitznagel's Lowcountry Dub (sounds like a great lost Playgroup album).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ref. I've been meaning to ask you about Missoni ties. I had laid out my ties for the month, noticed that you had a Missoni, and so did I. I'm curious about mine having a label "Made in Spain." It seems unlikely that an Italian designer would have ties made in Spain... or would it?

Mike S

Burl Veneer said...

Howdy, Mike! When I first started buying Missoni ties I assumed they were a Spanish company, because the first few I got were labelled "Made in Spain." But no, they're Italian all right; I don't know why they had the ties made in Spain. That's a level of detail beyond what's available on the web. I can't think of any other brand of ties made in Spain, either. Hmm, Cornell has a textiles program; maybe I could find a book or two with that information...