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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mr. Beene

One day in 2004 Mrs. Veneer and I took a trip out to Annapolis Mall so I could ogle the Duchamp ties at Nordstrom. The big surprise was when we went to Hecht's and found hundreds of Duchamp/Ted Baker/City of London-style ties being offered by nearly every tie label there. So I picked up a couple by Geoffrey Beene, and this is one of them. (We were even more surprised to find similar offerings at JCPenney.) These woven-patterned ties of brilliant silk thankfully found their way into the mainstream, were they remain today. Hooray!

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ExHack said...

I shop heavily in the thrift stores, and I've been very surprised at the quality of ties I've been finding recently in mass-market labels (esp. Beene, Stafford [JCPenney's house label], Van Heusen.) The fabrics, colors, and patterns are rich, well-designed, and often indistinguishable from many higher-end brands. I also noticed, BTW, that Arrow is made by the same folks who make Ted Baker, City of London, and Ferrell Reed.