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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Perry Ellis

This tie is a Perry Ellis "Handmade," most likely from the mid-1980s when the skinny ties of new wave fashion drove mainstream tie widths down to just 3 inches. Perry Ellis (1940-1986) was a fashion wunderkind, starting his own fashion house in 1978 and becoming the President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1982 (and lauching the career of Isaac Mizrahi, currently bringing style to a Target near you). Tragically, Ellis died in 1986 of AIDS-related complications. He is commemorated by the CFDA's Swarovski's Perry Ellis Award for Best New Designer in menswear and womenswear. And of course the Perry Ellis company lives on, as a billion-dollar multinational corporation.


ExHack said...

Perry Ellis was one of the greats. Little known fact: all his dress shirts were sewn with a pleat in the top of the shoulder (I think they still are), kind of a stylish touch that also serves as a guide to where to put your creases (at least if you're a self-ironer.)

I always love checking out what you're showcasing on a given day. Your taste in ties is much bolder than mine - my faves are Robert Talbott's rich wovens, although I also enjoy Robert Daskals and am waiting for the day when I add a Gene Meyer to my collection - but I love the blog and learn something from nearly every post. Thanks!

Burl Veneer said...

I have a few Perry Ellis shirts, and sure enough, there's the pleat! I will add that the shirts are made of the finest, silkiest cotton of any shirts I have. Thanks for dropping in, I appreciate it!