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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hawaiian Mod

Wow! I really love when patterns are overlaid on each other and their colors allowed to blend to form an additional combinatorial pattern, so it's no surprise that I love this tie! There's a basic grid of eccentric square spirals (which is a cool enough design on its own), then on top of that float two more layers of rounded lozenges which change the color of the grid in different ways. The printing is very precise in that the different colors of the square spirals all line up, which is no small feat. The only label on the tie is the fabric label (100% acetate, definitely vintage), so once again I cannot credit a tie maker. I was excited about this tie all day, and I'm still excited writing about it. I think this is my favorite tie on the blog so far; it may sound like sacrilege, but I find it even more engaging than Puccis. This necktie will now advance to the Permanent Collection.


Jeff L. said...

I'm into emergent behavior and patterns, so the tie definitely appeals to me. I'm also a green, brown, and black kind of person (except Kathy always buys blue for me).

Fashionista said...

Ohhh... now that's a nice tie. It would be nice if you linked to where it could be bought, as well as the price :)

Burl Veneer said...

That would be nice, but... I can't! This tie was part of a vintage lot that I got on ebay; it's not made any more, and I don't even know who made it in the first place. Many of the ties from the blog will be sold on ebay; I have a link in the right sidebar to my auctions. Not this tie, though.