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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather on Monday (60 degrees, 50 higher than last week) to wear my first tie 0f 2008. A tie that looks like a graph (or several graphs) is about as graphic as you can get, wouldn't you say? This bold silk tie with rectangular jacquard weave is of unknown provenance, but is probably 30 to 40 years old and has seen a lot of use. It even appears to have been bitten at least once.

While my tie wearing, and thus tie blogging, has tapered off considerably over the last year, Mike Segers at Knot a Blog continues apace. This month will see his five hundredth blogged tie, so be sure not to miss that! In fact, I recommend you review ties number 1 through 499 in preparation for the big 5-0-0.


tiewonder said...

Does anyone know who manufactures Vineyard Vines and Lee Allison ties? Just curious.

MSegers said...

Thanks for the publicity.


VintageGent said...

Well, its as they say - "quality over quantity," right?

btw, I have moved over to my own domain now and have added you on my new page. - i'll be closing up at blogspot eventually.

Jackie Diano said...

Hi Burl,

I've been on your blog before - love it-and I'm a member of KNOT. I also see you're the admin on the Neckties group on Flikr where I recently joined and left a message.

My fiance and I just launched a new website ties2pillows after 10 months of hard work. As I mentioned on Flickr, I inevitably got bit by the collecting bug and now have my own tie collection which includes a Dali tie, Countess Mara, a mirror image of "Hello Handsome" by Lilly Dache, some 40's painted ties as well as newer Beatles ties, among others. which I plan to showcase with a nice ladies pants suit. I also hope to share my personal collection on Flickr and KNOT soon.

See you there!
Sincerely, Jackie Diano

Nishantha said...

Nice one......Not bad at all. I like that pattern and I will wear it in my brother’s wedding. Really nice one…….
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gentleman Joe said...

I love all your differnt desings