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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fair and balanced

Since I wore a Cornell tie to the University of Maryland before I left, it's only fair that I wear a University of Maryland tie to Cornell. This tie was presented to me by the Big Boss himself at my farewell party. It depicts the University of Maryland at College Park Master Plan (2001-2020), and the slice of campus on the front contains both buildings in which I worked: the Pocomoke Building (Building 007) and the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center (which, unfortunately, is located a little too high on the tie and got covered up by the knot). The tie was made by Civitas, a company which specializes in city plan ties (there had to be one); this is their first campus tie. Sales of the tie fund scholarships for the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, and internships for campus planning, development, and preservation. Cornell's unique campus geography would also look great on a tie...

On the earphones: Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada (super groovy), and The Best of Mandrill: hearing "Fencewalk" and the exuberant "Git It All" pounding in my ears was a transcendent musical experience, which I will be repeating on my morning walk. (It's just not the same on the home stereo.)


Anonymous said...

Hi. Take a look on my Emilio Pucci shoes
Marina (from France)

Burl Veneer said...

Wow, fantastic shoes! Thanks for visiting!


littlecartnoodles said...

Hi. Greetings from Hong Kong ! I came across your blog when I Googled "Anne Surkamp-Kramer". I have just written a post about some of the ties that I have had to throw out.

I'm looking forward to reading all your posts.

Burl Veneer said...

Nice post, I especially like your exclamation-point tie! Like you, my ties carry a bit of my history; I find that happens with everything I collect. Thanks for visiting!